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The apple logo in the first printed matters (3)
The apple logo in the first printed matters (3)
Appleís new logo was used on computers, but also marked the company in printed matters, as in advertising and brochures. Even after the apple logo had been drawn, the logo actually changed over the first years. The accompanying font, stating the company name, is in itself worth a study. In the beginning the Apple logo in printed matters were accompanied by the text "apple computer inc." in the fontface Motter Tektura. This fontface was designed by Otmer Motter of Vorarlberger Graphic in 1975 and was quite new, when Apple started using it. There was a single change to the original fontface: the dot over the i was removed. Below is an edition of the logo, where the colors of the logo isn't included, because it is printed in negative and in one color. The first brochure, published after the creation of the new logo, actually used the photo of a red apple. It was also the bureau of Regis McKenna, who created this brochure: On opening the brochure, the real rainbow colored logo appeared at bottom right, as did the advertisements the Apple II was launched with. Apple over the years made the Apple logo and the accompanying text a little more stylish in advertising. In the early 80' [12] the heavy "Apple Computer Inc." was shortened to "Apple", as seen in an advertisement for Lisa, June 1983 (from the magazine Personal Computing): Zooming in on the logo at the bottom of the advertisement: This section should in fact be on the Apple-logo in the early printed matters, but this early light sign with the rainbow colored logo and the Motter Tektura fontface had to be included: The light sign can be purchased for an easy 2500 US$ at (update: it seems that it has already been sold now). In 1984 Apple dropped the fontface Motter Tektura and replaced it by the more classical fontface Garamond, when the first Macintosh were introduced. Apple had a special edition of the fontface called Apple Garamond [13] draw, which is used for Apples printed matter until this day. The Apple logo has since then usually been used alone without any text, and if the company name was used with the logo, it was set at a distance and with the Garamond fontface. Frequently the logo was accompanied by a slogan set in the new Garamond fontface, for example "The power to be your best" or "Think different": The chapters of the history of the Apple logo: [#] The history of the Apple logo - a new series of articles at Macnyt [#] The early start and a missing graphical identity (1) [#] The genesis of the world famous apple logo (2) [#] The apple logo in the first printed matters (3) [#] The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4) [#] Further streamlining: The stripes disappear (5) [#] Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6) [#] Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
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