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The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4)
The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4)
You have always been able to identify Apples computers by the small colorful logo. If there is an apple on that grey machine, you'll know at once, you're sitting at a Macintosh. The logos on the machines are exclusive small badges, here photographed once more with a special lens. Appleís rainbow colored logo has followed the computer since the Apple II and in marketing materiel, right up to 1998. On the computers, the logo was usually neatly put in relief on the housing on the front of the machine. Printers, most displays, scanners and other accessories from Apple has used this exclusive logo. Here are a couple of close-ups of the rainbow logo, as we all know it. Front of a Macintosh Classic (1990) Close-up of the logo on the Macintosh Classic. The arched logo is a separate element, sunken in the grey plastic. The logo has it's own part number with Apple and can actually be ordered as a spare part for old machines, if they fall out. If it gets scratched, it can be pinched out from the reverse side through a small hole in the grey plastic behind the apple. The logos vary from product to product. On the PowerBook 5300 for example there is a somewhat smaller logo sunken into the lid: All pictures are made with a Canon PowerShot G2 with Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58. Copyright Jens Hofman Hansen and 2002. The study of the different Apple logos on Macís are a story in itself. Here the documentation is limited to a few examples. The chapters of the history of the Apple logo: [#] The history of the Apple logo - a new series of articles at Macnyt [#] The early start and a missing graphical identity (1) [#] The genesis of the world famous apple logo (2) [#] The apple logo in the first printed matters (3) [#] The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4) [#] Further streamlining: The stripes disappear (5) [#] Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6) [#] Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
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