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Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6)
Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6)
One thing is, what a designer and others put into the making of the logo, as it is being made. Some else is, how the logo later on have been interpreted, and what the official explanation of the logo is. Many feel to day that the rainbow colors creates psychedelic associations, that fits the alternative, a little flipped and creative image, that Apple acquired over the years, among others with their "Think different"-campaign. Others have suspected a quite clear comment to the IBM company that, at the creation of the Apple logo was archenemy an competitor to Apple. It is Per Mollerup, who in his thesis "Marks of Excellence" writes, that the stripes in the apple logo plays on the comparison with IBM, that also uses a striped logo [16]. The polychrome Apple logo sets a creative and anarchistic distance to the monochrome and more boring IBM logo, representing a company that Apple regarded as stiff and conservative. Which logo signals most creativity and user friendliness? Per Mollerup has in fact had an official explanation from Apple (referenced in his book to Apple Law Department, 17th of August 1994) on the meaning of the trade mark, which reads as follows:
  • The name starts with an A, and is therefore at the top of many catalogs
  • Normally you wouldn't associate an apple with computers, and therefore the logo is easily remembered
  • The apple cause good feelings. It's non-threatening and causes associations to health. "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away", goes an old proverb.
The future Apple logo? It will be exciting to follow the development of the Apple logo in the future. I have here tried to document the development from the complicated drawing of Newton with the apple to the rainbow colored logo, that went through several simplifications to end up as a polished silver apple on the front of the new Mac's. The Apple logo doesn't seem to be able to get more stylish than it is now. Who knows, maybe Apple will soon launch a retro product line with the old rainbow colored apple and the Motter Tektura fontface. The chapters of the history of the Apple logo: [#] The history of the Apple logo - a new series of articles at Macnyt [#] The early start and a missing graphical identity (1) [#] The genesis of the world famous apple logo (2) [#] The apple logo in the first printed matters (3) [#] The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4) [#] Further streamlining: The stripes disappear (5) [#] Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6) [#] Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
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