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Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
If you would like to dwell further in the history of the Apple logo - or perhaps Appleís history, there are many possibilities to do so. Here you can find the references, used in the complete history of the Apple logo. You can contribute by making sources available. In the series of articles on the history of the Apple logo at Macnyt, we have given reference to a number of sources - both books and those on the Internet. Here you can see the references: [1] Linzmayer 1999, p. 6. [2] The entire poem can be read online [3] Moritz 1984, p. 188. [4] Linzmayer 1999, p. 6. [5] Documented at the advertising company's present web site [6] [7] Linzmayer 1999, p. 6. [8] [9] [10] Linzmayer 1999, p. 6. [11] Linzmayer 1999, p. 6 [12] An advertisement all the way back from 1981 with the apple logo an the text "Apple" can be found at this address [13] More information on Apple Garamond [14] Linzmaier 1999, p. 6. [15] Quote from the web site AppleInsider. [16] Mollerup 1997, p. 138. The books Linzmayer, Owen W: Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc. Starch Press, 1999. Mollerup, Per: Marks of Excellence. The history and taxonomy of trademarks. Phaidon, 1997. Moritz, Michael: The Little Kingdom: The Private Story of Apple Computer. William Morrow, 1984. New York. Pictures The picture used for this series of articles are collected on the Internet over a period of time and has been optimized for this purpose. Additionally, new material has been scanned and a number of photos has been made for this purpose. If you would like to contribute to the story of the Apple logo you're welcome to scan or photograph your material and send it to the editors of Macnyts . Please note, that high picture quality is important - if there are small details in the material, it should of course be seen in the digital picture materials. Your contribution is very welcome and will likely form a basis for updating this series of articles or maybe an entirely new series of historic articles from the world of Apple. The chapters of the history of the Apple logo: [#] The history of the Apple logo - a new series of articles at Macnyt [#] The early start and a missing graphical identity (1) [#] The genesis of the world famous apple logo (2) [#] The apple logo in the first printed matters (3) [#] The logo on the computers - a sign of quality (4) [#] Further streamlining: The stripes disappear (5) [#] Later interpretations of the logos meaning (6) [#] Sources to the history of the Apple logo (7)
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